UMP Staff

Marc Travers

Underline Monitoring Project, Avian Conservation Biologist

Marc Travers received his Masters degree from Simon Fraser University (Canada) in 2009.  He joined KESRP as an Avian Conservation Biologist in September of 2011 and co-ordinates the Underline Monitoring Project.  Marc’s previous work has focused on the indirect demographic consequences of nest predation, climate change induced diet shifts, niche partitioning, avian disease dynamics, and physiological indicators of health in wildlife.

Jesse Beck

Underline Monitoring Project, Field Assistant

Jesse grew up in Wisconsin and earned his B.Sc. of Biogeoscience at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.  He became hooked on birds after mist netting Cooper’s Hawks in Wisconsin and has been working with them ever since.  Before starting his current position with KESRP Underline Monitoring Project, Jesse worked with macaws in Southeastern Peru, shorebirds in South Africa and red-headed woodpeckers in Minnesota.  He has also worked in avian rehabilitation and as an avian point count technician.

Jesse spends a lot of his free time hiking and birding.

Shiho Koike

Underline Monitoring Project, Field Assistant

Shiho grew up in San Jose, California and went to school at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. There she majored in environmental management and protection with a concentration in wildlife biology. She loves all things nature and wildlife! Previously she worked on various projects studying red abalone, coqui, and coho salmon. Working as an UMP member has inspired her to learn more about Hawaiian culture and protect their native species. 

In her free time she has been learning to surf and has finally left the flailing stage. She hopes to get better! 

Caitlin Scott

Underline Monitoring Project, Field Assistant

Originally from Washington, Caitlin earned her B.S. in Biology at Whitman College. Growing up at the base of Mount Adams, she has always been very active outdoors and enjoys trail running, hiking, and mountain biking. She first started working with birds when she did her thesis research in Panama, studying the effects of human disturbance on bird populations in the Bocas del Toro Island Archipelago. She has held previous jobs working to restore beaver and fish populations in the Pacific North West.

Caitlin is excited to be a part of the UMP staff and contributing to the conservation of Kaua‘i’s seabirds. In her off time on the island, she is learning to surf and exploring the trails!

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