UMP Staff

Marc TraversMarc_bio_pic

Underline Monitoring Project, Avian Conservation Biologist

Marc Travers received his Masters degree from Simon Fraser University (Canada) in 2009.  He joined KESRP as an Avian Conservation Biologist in September of 2011 and co-ordinates the Underline Monitoring Project.  Marc’s previous work has focused on the indirect demographic consequences of nest predation, climate change induced diet shifts, niche partitioning, avian disease dynamics, and physiological indicators of health in wildlife.

Theresa Geelhoed

Underline Monitoring Project, Field Crew Leader

Theresa grew up splashing in the Great Lakes and received a B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife from Michigan State University. Aside from a year in environmental education, Theresa has studied zooplankton, box turtles, plovers, and spotted owls. She fell in love with Hawaiʻi’s aloha spirit and native wildlife in 2015 and made the move to Kauaʻi to work with the Underline Monitoring Project in early 2017.

Adam ElzingaAdam_bio_pic

Underline Monitoring Project, Wildlife Technologist

Adam joined KESRP in 2015 to address a growing need for custom-built conservation and research equipment. His self-taught proficiency in electrical and mechanical engineering combined with a talent for problem solving make him a valuable addition to the team. When inventing new tools for wildlife applications, Adam draws from nearly 10 years of field research and conservation experience. His current projects include developing a laser avoidance system to prevent endangered seabirds from colliding with power lines, an acoustic reference device that calibrates detectability of power line strike events, and PIT tag readers that monitor seabird burrow activity.

Hannah Moon

Underline Monitoring Project, Field Assistant

Hannah received her B.F.A. from the Seattle University in 2010, and went on to study marine ecology at U.W.’s Friday Harbor Labs. She fell in love with seabirds while conducting sea-watches in the North Atlantic. Her lifelong love of birds has taken her around the world to work on a variety of avian projects. These include the conservation of native parrots in Costa Rica and the Caribbean. Recently, she assisted with shorebird management on the east coast of the United States. Her diverse background ranges from native plant propagation and predator control, to avian point counts across North America.

Riley Neil

Underline Monitoring Project, Field AssistantRiley_bio_pic

Riley received his B.S. in outdoor conservation from Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He’s worked various field jobs from trail crews in southern Alaska to studying fairy wrens in Queensland, Australia. Riley started his Hawaiian adventure by doing point counts for endangered forest birds on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi. After the excitement of working with Hawaiʻi’s forest birds, he came to Kauaʻi and worked for UMP in 2016, and has come back for the 2018 season.


Stephanie LeQuier

Underline Monitoring Project, Field Assistant

Stephanie received her B.A. in Zoology from the University of Vermont in 2015. Her love of avian field work began soon after graduating when she worked as a field tech doing nest searching in the bottomland hardwood forests of Arkansas. Since then she has monitored the endangered black capped vireo on Fort Hood Military Base in Texas and volunteered in Australia to study the behavioral ecology of red-backed fairy-wrens. Looking to do more work in wildlife conservation, she applied for the Underline Monitoring Project in 2018. She is really looking forward to taking ​a more active role in avian conservation.

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