Dr André F. Raine

Kauaʻi Endangered Seabird Recovery Project, Project Co-ordinator

Dr. Raine has a BSc in Wildlife Biology from the University of Guelph (Canada) and an MSc in Conservation from University College London (UK).  He completed his Ph.D. at the University of East Anglia (UK) in 2006, entitled ‘The breeding ecology of Twite Carduelis flavirostris and the effects of upland agricultural intensification’.  Andre has worked on bird conservation projects throughout the world, including Bermuda (where he worked with the Endangered Bermuda Petrel Pterodroma cahow), Zambia, Peru and England.  Before moving to Kaua‘i, Andre spent four years as the Conservation Manager for BirdLife Malta, where he was responsible for all conservation projects undertaken by the organisation.  As part of this remit he was also tasked with co-ordinating all research actions on BirdLife Malta’s EU LIFE Yelkouan Shearwater Project.  This project was the largest conservation initiative of its kind in Malta and focused on reversing the decline of the Near Threatened Yelkouan Shearwater Puffinus yelkouan.


Megan Vynne

Kauai Endangered Seabird Recovery Project, Field Crew Leader

Having been born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Megan's love for wildlife and the natural environment developed from a very young age. Her fascination with travel and adventure landed her in Australia where she graduated from Southern Cross University with a BSc in Environmental Science. Megan spent several years in Australia working in natural resource management and conservation with focuses on sustainability, habitat restoration, wildlife rehabilitation, and cultural awareness. This is Megan's third year with the project.

Mike McFarlin

Kauai Endangered Seabird Recovery Project, Field Technician

Mike McFarlin recieved a B.S. in Zoology from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He has worked on a variety of field research projects with amphibians, fish, insects, parasites, and song birds. He is excited to be a part of seabird conservation through KESRP and hopes to contribute to the preservation of the endangered seabirds of Kaua'i. This is Mike's third year with the project.

Harrison Hyatt

Kauai Endangered Seabird Recovery Project, Field Technician

After receiving a B.Sc. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from UC Santa Cruz, Harrison has flocked to seabirds. Along the Californian central coast, he monitored cormorant, guillemot, gull, and pelican populations. He then migrated to Kure and Midway Atolls in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands to restore albatross, booby, and tropicbird nesting habitat from the invasive sunflower, Verbesina encelioides. This bird-brain can't wait to burrow and fledge with Kauai's endangered shearwaters and petrels.

Matt Boone

Kauai Endangered Seabird Recovery Project, GIS and Database Assistant

Matt grew up in the great state of Texas where he attended the University of Texas and received his B.S in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior. After college he traipsed around the country helping out on various field jobs including working with Golden-cheeked Warblers in Texas, Yellow Rails in Mississippi,  and the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher in the Mojave Desert. During this time, he gained a strong addiction to birding that's been hard to shake. In 2016, he received his M.S in Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware studying the effects of Hurricane Sandy on landbird migration using Weather Surveillance Radar. With a new found love of big data, he joined KESRP as the GIS and Database Assistant and is excited to offer his skills to help seabird conservation efforts on Kauai.

Heidi Ingram

Kauai Endangered Seabird Recovery Project, Field Technician

Heidi grew up in Colorado and studied Biology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.     For the last 8.5 years she has been working on seismic research ships as a Protected Species Observer and Passive Acoustic Monitoring Operator to mitigate the effects of anthropogenic noise on marine mammals and sea turtles.  She has previously worked as an aquarist, safety diver, and as a field technician for a group studying Southern elephant seals in the Falkland Islands.  She is excited to join KESRP and work directly with seabirds for the first time.

John Hintze

Kauai Endangered Seabird Recovery Project, Field Technician

John grew up in Salt Lake City and this is where he learned to appreciate the wide open spaces and biology of the Utah desert.  After a couple years of college in at the University of Utah John attended a year of school at the University of Hawaii Hilo and immediately grew interested in the lush biota of the islands. He returned to Utah and earned his BS in Biology there. Since the he has worked a variety of field jobs, from rare plant botany in Utah’s oil country and range work in the West Desert to forest bird point counts and invasive species removal on the Big Island of Hawaii. He is now excited to continue on his path of working outdoors with the amazing seabirds of Kauai.

Daniel Finnell

Kauai Endangered Seabird Recovery Project, Field Technician

Dan graduated with a B.Sc. from Virginia Commonwealth University. VCU is where Dan found his passion for field research. A combination of experience in remote sensing, ornithological research, GIS, and outdoor leadership has given Dan a solid foundation for conservation research. Working with KESRP is a dream for an early career ecologist. Being able to work on this project in a tropical climate has its added benefits as well.

Derek Harvey

Kauai Endangered Seabird Recovery Project, Field Technician

Derek received both his BS (2012) and MS (2015) in Wildlife Biology from Humboldt State University in northern California. He has worked on various field projects including surveying for sagebrush-dependent songbirds in Wyoming, monitoring seabirds and shorebirds in marine protected areas along Californian coastlines, and most recently helping endangered native forest birds with Kaua’i Forest Bird Recovery Project. Following his long-standing interest in of Hawaiian avian conservation and immense passion for seabirds, Derek is excited to be working with Kaua’i’s spectacular assemblage of seabirds and help conserve these captivating birds for future generations.


David Dow

Kauai Endangered Seabird Recovery Project, Field Technician

David graduated from Caltech with a degree in geology and moved to Hawaiʻi to volunteer with the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.  At HVO he worked on projects ranging from GIS, to field mapping and geophysical surveys, to the photo archive.  A friend’s invitation to help with the annual albatross count on Midway Atoll the next winter sparked a fascination with seabirds.  David has since returned to Midway for 5 more albatross counts and 3 stints as a long term volunteer, spending most of the past year on Midway.  Recent work on Midway included habitat restoration, Laysan duck monitoring and botulism response, and stemming the predation of albatrosses by mice.  Between stints on Midway, he has returned to volunteer at HVO and logged drill core with the Humuʻula Groundwater Research Project.  When not working, David can be found propagating native plants or photographing the natural world, be it seabirds or volcanoes.



Marc2.jpgMarc Travers

Underline Monitoring Project, Avian Conservation Biologist

Marc Travers received his Masters degree from Simon Fraser University (Canada) in 2009.  He joined KESRP as an Avian Conservation Biologist in September of 2011 and co-ordinates the Underline Monitoring Project.  Marc’s previous work has focused on the indirect demographic consequences of nest predation, climate change induced diet shifts, niche partitioning, avian disease dynamics, and physiological indicators of health in wildlife.

David Golden

Underline Monitoring Project, Field Crew Leader

David Golden received a B.A. in Environmental Studies with concentration in Conservation and Restoration, as well as minors in both Geography and Astronomy in 2013, from Sonoma State University in Northern California.  David has worked in the environmental field since 2010; beginning with volunteer work for Solar Sonoma County, assisting in the planning of the 2011 Sustainable Enterprise Conference, taking part in the Universities Coastal Prairie Internship, being a land steward for the Fairfield Osborn Preserve and Galbreath Wildlands Preserve, creating soundscape ecology recordings of song birds for the Universities preserves, and most recently working as a scientific aide with salmon for the Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Now David has spent three years working for KESRP, learning and using conservation skills to further expand his experience in conservation monitoring.

Adam Elzinga

Wildlife Technologist

Adam joined KESRP in 2015 to address a growing need for custom-built conservation and research equipment. His self-taught proficiency in electrical and mechanical engineering combined with a talent for problem solving make him a valuable addition to the team. When inventing new tools for wildlife applications, Adam draws from nearly 10 years of field research and conservation experience. His current projects include developing a laser avoidance system to prevent endangered seabirds from colliding with power lines, an acoustic reference device that calibrates detectability of power line strike events, and PIT tag readers that monitor seabird burrow activity.


Angela Stemen

Underline Monitoring Project, Field Assistant

Angela grew up exploring the beautiful state of California. After graduating with a BA in International Studies she participated in an Outward Bound course in Costa Rica that changed her focus from studying cultures to exploring the outdoors. She spent a couple of years guiding backpacking and kayak tours in Northern CA where she found her true passion for studying wildlife, especially birds. Since then she has worked conducting avian point counts all over the West, as well as raptor and Greater Sage Grouse monitoring in Wyoming and Montana. Her enthusiasm for travel and wildlife has given her the opportunity to experience many places and has now landed her in Kauai where she is excited to begin a second season with KESRP and continue to aide and learn more about seabird conservation.

Katrina Fisk

Underline Monitoring Project, Field Assistant

Born and raised in western Washington, Katrina has always had a deep love for all animals. She began her first small-scale migration experiment on grasshoppers in her back yard when she was seven, but has since moved on to larger study subjects. After graduating for the University of Washington, Katrina moved to north-central Washington in the gorgeous Methow Valley where she worked for a non-profit studying fire ecology and endangered rodents. Her love of birds grew after volunteering with Fish and Wildlife biologists who placed a tracking backpack on a young golden eagle. Katrina is extremely excited to be working with KESRP on the UMP project, as well as hiking the Kauai mountains and exploring coral reefs.

Nikolas Madsen

Underline Monitoring Project, Field Assistant

Nik recently fledged from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a B.S. in Biology and a newfound passion for birds. During his time at UCSC, he interned for various short-term research projects which involved working with invasive grasses, fungal spores and habitat restoration. During a 3-month field course Nik fell in love with birds and ended up working as an educator for Ventana Wildlife Society's California Condor recovery project the following summer. This job helped him realize that he wanted to gain more hands-on experience with endangered birds, which is why he is now on the magical island of Kauai working to protect our beautiful seabirds!

Riley Neil

Underline Monitoring Project, Field Assistant

Riley recently received his B.S. In outdoor conservation from Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and it's also where he grew up. He's worked various field jobs from trail crews in southern Alaska to an interpreter position at a wildlife sanctuary in northern Minnesota. In the summer of 2015, Riley worked on a point count crew for UGGS on the big island of Hawaii as an internship. After the excitement of working with hawaii's endangered forest birds, he knew he wanted to come back to the Hawaii islands, and he's gotten his chance! Riley is ecstatic to be working here with the underline monitoring project!